One in three experiencing high stress levels in Yorkshire

1 November 2011

stressThose living in Yorkshire are under pressure as one in three say their stress levels are too high – according to new research released to promote National Stress Awareness Day on the 2nd November.

The research by the leading health and wellbeing mutual organisation Benenden Healthcare Society also reveals that nearly a third say their stress levels have been out of control in the past leaving them feeling unable to cope.

Monday is confirmed as by far the most stressful day of the week, with work and finances coming top of the list of major causes.

Karin Mochan, editor of Benenden Healthcare’s benhealth magazine, said:

There’s no doubt that many of us feel the effects of stress in our everyday lives, resulting in a major impact on our personal relationships and work lives.

Twelve million people go to their GP every year with mental health problems and they’re often stress related. These rising stress levels are partly due to the fast pace of modern life and the demands that our jobs, families and financial responsibilities place on us.

When we feel unable to cope with these demands, stress can start to show itself in a number of ways. Symptoms can be both physical and psychological – and so knowing what to look for can be an important step towards finding a solution.

In dealing with stress, a third of those in Yorkshire will have a drink to mask the problems, whilst over a half say their sleep patterns are being affected. Another quarter say stress is now affecting their relationships with their partners.

With work being the top cause of stress, over one in five have needed time off work – with an average of five days taken off per year.

However, third-quarters of those dealing with stress have not sought any professional advice to help them cope.

Karin Mochansaid added:

We all experience stress in different ways and it can start to have a very real impact on our day-to-day lives. Instead of turning to the bottle or withdrawing from your friends and family, it really is a good idea to talk about what’s troubling you.

Whether you confide in your partner, a friend or work colleague or the family doctor, the old saying of a problem shared is a problem halved still holds true.


 What makes those in Yorkshire most stressed out?

1. Work

2. Finances

3. Not getting enough sleep

4. Your figure

5. Commuting

6. Your diet

7. Your kids

8. Your partner

9. Lack of sex

10. Lack of help around the house

11. Lack of physical activity

12. Queues

13. Your health


Main work stresses

1. Heavy workload

2. The nature of the job

3. Tight deadlines

4. Your boss

5. Your colleagues

6. No appreciation

7. Work/life balance

8. Finding out other colleagues are on a higher wage than you

9. Lack of support

10. Working late


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