Fire Service

Fire damage to Children’s play equipment in Valley Gardens

8 October 2011

The North Yorkshire Fire Service were called to Valley Gardens in Harrogate in the early hours of Saturday morning.

At 2:30am on 8th October 2011, Fire Crews extinguished a fire in the play area of valley gardens to a large wooden fort. As a result of the fire the fort sustained 100% fire damage (an area of 100sqmetres)

It is believed that the fire was started intentionally.





  1. what a selfish, stupid thing to do.
    I hope when they catch and convict them, they get 300 hour of cleaning out public toilets.

  2. DISGUSTING, whoever did this should be named and shamed if they are to young to be published, ruining childrens play area. Always thought there was plenty of cctv in that area so hopefully they can catch them.

  3. the sort of people who do that to a family who donated the playground so other children can have lots of fun,should be named and shamed,then made to put things right by paying for the damage.

  4. My grandchild loved playing there, these mindless thugs should be caught, convicted and made to rebuild it. All the hardwork that went in to building these not to mention how much it would have cost. But if they get caught the will most probably get a pat on the back and sent on their way Absolutely disgusting.

  5. People wonder why we never have anything for our children to do. Totally horrible for children to be going there today to find that it has been burned down, lots of children are going to be upset.

  6. What a stupid and heartless thing to do. I hope the culprits get caught and have the book thrown at them!

  7. I think they should be put in stocks in the Valley Gardens and leave the rest to the people who are loosing out, I know my children are bitterly sad.

  8. The council spent a ludicrious amount of money making an enjoyable play area for the children within our community.

    What a disgusting act of vandalism. Pure stupidity/ignorance. These people need either a job, hobby, or a LOT of community service. I prefer the latter choice.


  9. What a horrid,selfish thing to do. I can not see what satisfaction the person/people who did this will have got. I hope they find them,perhaps they should let them see all the disappointed faces when local children can no longer use this wonderful piece of equipment. Also what a waste of valuable fire service time. Morons.

  10. At a meeting a short time ago with local council, police & concerned local residents we talked about anti social behaviour in particular to the Valley Gardens & new skate park. Why is there no visible security in this area? why are teenagers taking over a play area that is designed for young children? Even if the culprit/s is caught, what will be done to stop this happening again?

  11. Who ever did this needs help! What satisfaction did this person/people get out of torching a children’s play area! Absolutely pathetic!

  12. Shame on you have you thought about the children who like playing there i hope the find who did this horrible thing an make a better one!!!

  13. Scum, just praying the police name and shame those concerned,no doubt they will not be dealt with properly, this is why this country is falling apart, we need justice, my 2 daughters will be heartbroken when they see this, how much more of this do we tolerate

  14. I am pleased arrests have been made. It seems that it was teenagers who were responsible. They or their parents (if under 18) should be made to pay for reinstatement. If this means the loss of homes, cars or whatever its their own fault.

    I loathe the scum who did this for the pleasure they have stolen from small children including my own.

  15. Has the siting of the skateboard park in the Valley Gardens anything to do with this mindless vandalism? I love seeing the little children playing and take my grandson there but a couple of weeks ago we were nearly mown down by teenage lads riding scooters coming in the entrance from the Pump Room and riding all the way up towards the Magnesia Well.

  16. I agree with the last comment and suggest that, if possible, they move the skate park to a more isolated area away from young children i.e. like the one at Ilkley. Alternatively possibly they need to put a large fence around the playground which is locked when it gets dark.
    I hope this doesn’t mean that the rest of the playground is out of action for the foreseeable future which would be very sad for the children albeit hopefully they will re-build the fort.

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