Jenson Button to open Harrogate Restaurant

Formula 1 racing driver Jenson Button, is to open Victus on Monday 5th September in .

Jenson is one of the investors in the Victus on Beulah Street and will be attending to officially open the with the Mayor of Harrogate.

The new restaurant will be open for breakfast through to evening meals and to quote Victus themselves:

We want our food to be healthy (sometimes naughty), very tasty and delivered to you quickly and conveniently. Whether you need to pick something up and dash back to work or whether you can spend a bit more time to relax and enjoy our dishes, Victus aims to suit your needs. We prepare fast food in terms of its promptness but Victus cooking is from the heart!

We are seriously passionate about food and want to share great cooking with you.

Harrogate-News will be attending the official opening and bringing you a full story.


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16 thoughts on “Jenson Button to open Harrogate Restaurant

    1. Paul,the reviews came from customers who attended various taster sessions before the official opening. The website is being updated following making improvements to service so it will be very interesting on commpletion! :)

      1. It’s the morning of opening day and we still can’t see the website Sadie. Very best of luck with Victus, but your web developers need a rocket! And is Jenson actually coming?? ;)

  1. According to a few articles/postings elsewhere, the opening will be done at around mid day (i.e. in approx 30mins)… time for an early lunch break.

    None of the sources seem 100% though.

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