Special meeting of Harrogate planning committee to discuss new Tesco store

30 August 2011

A special meeting of the Harrogate Planning Committee  will take place on 6th September 2011 at 2.30 pm to discuss the proposed new Tesco store on the junction of the North East Gas Offices And Service Centre Skipton Road Harrogate North Yorkshire.

The venue for this meeting will be the Council Chamber, Council Offices, Harrogate.

Link to planning agenda: www1.harrogate.gov.uk/localdemocracy/Agenda.asp?meetingid=3454

Objectors and supporters will be allowed a total of 6 minutes each to speak at committee – this time allocation must be split between those wishing to speak i.e. if there are three supporters – they get two minutes each and if there are three objectors – they get two minutes each. Six minutes is the maximum for each group – be they objectors or supporters.

The report being presented to the planning committee recommends approval of the application, subject to a number of conditions and the completion of a Section 106 agreement, which would be deferred to the Acting Head of Planning Services for final approval.

If the council provisionally approves the application, it must be referred to the Health and Safety Executive which has the ability to ask the Secretary of State to ‘call in’ the application and for a public inquiry to be held by a Government appointed Planning Inspector. Given the nature of the application, and even if the HSE does not request ‘call in’, the application would then be referred to the Secretary of State for him to decide whether or not to ‘call in’ the application for his own determination again following a public inquiry.

Senior transport officers from North Yorkshire County Council will also be attending the meeting to answer questions on highway issues.

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