North Yorkshire Police issue a statement on the recent riots

9 August 2011

The North Yorkshire Police have issued a statement regarding the recent riots in the UK and the re-deployment of North Yorkshire Officers to support the Met.

Temporary Deputy Chief Constable, Tim Madgwick, said:

“North Yorkshire Police continue to monitor the aftermath of the disorder affecting other parts of the country, and we can confirm that to date, there are no reports of any similar incidents in North Yorkshire.

“Although North Yorkshire is currently considered at low risk of such incidents occurring, we are fully prepared should any incidents of this nature be reported. Anyone who attempts to disrupt our communities will be met with the full force of the law and will face swift justice.

“Residents can expect to see extra officers on patrol in their communities over the next 24 hours, as a combination of shift changes and contingency plans allow us to provide extra patrols to reassure our local communities.

Mr Madgwick added: “I would also like to reassure residents that North Yorkshire Police’s capability and day-to-day policing is unaffected by the extra support we have provided to the Metropolitan Police Service.

“North Yorkshire’s communities and policing needs are a priority, and mutual aid will only be considered if it does not impact on policing our own communities. Our current deployment of mutual aid is relative to our size and does not affect our operational capability.”

Assistant Chief Constable Tim Madgwick Harrogate Police

Temporary Deputy Chief Constable, Tim Madgwick


Chairman of North Yorkshire Police Authority, Jane Kenyon, added: “Clearly, the events of the last two nights are disturbing and have no part in a civilised society. North Yorkshire Police have mobilised some resources to aid other parts of the country but I have to emphasise that they remain fully able to deal with any similar outbreak in our area and indeed with day to day policing needs.

“Those working within police service are sworn to protect life and property. The officers and staff who serve North Yorkshire and York do this with distinction day in, day out, and we are confident that they will rise to any challenges that present themselves.

“I am confident that members of the public will work with our officers to ensure that any intelligence of potential public unrest – however unlikely – is brought to the attention of North Yorkshire Police.”

A spokesperson for the North Yorkshire Police Federation said:

“Our thoughts are with our colleagues dealing with this disgusting anarchic criminality and with those emergency workers injured & the public victims of this anarchic criminality. It has to stop.

We support the actions North Yorkshire Police have taken thus far in supporting the national situation and also in maintaining a safe environment in North Yorkshire. We will continue to work with the senior managers of the force in this regard.

We hope the officers from North Yorkshire who have been sent to assist colleagues in London stay safe and return soon.

We believe that it is too early to be analysing potential causes of the riots. But it is evident we will need a Scarman type report for the riots AND a Royal Commission on Policing.

We would urge members of the public to lobby their MPs and members of the Police Authority to ask the Home Secretary to commit to an independent enquiry into the causes of the riots AND a Royal Commission on Policing to ensure proposed police reforms are properly evaluated so we can ensure this type of thing does not happen again and that there will be sufficient resources to deal with it over the years to come.”

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