Whixley farm to feature on Countryfile this weekend

21 July 2011

A farm near Whixley that has decided to turn its back on intensive farming to work the land traditionally will feature on BBC TV’s Countryfile on Sunday.

Farmer Steve Newlove, 31, of Thorpe Hill Farm, auctioned off all his modern equipment in June and has replaced it with vintage machinery that can be manually driven or pulled by his two pedigree Shire horses.

TV crews came to film the auction and then returned to see Steve take delivery of his two pedigree Shire horses. Presenter Jules Hudson tried his hand at some of the traditional farming methods Steve will be using.

As well as showcasing rural life as it used to be, the farm will feature a miniature farm, wildlife and wetland area and adventure zone for families.

 Steve Newlove and Jules Hudson

Thorpe Hill will officially open its doors on July 30th and will then open to the public daily from 10am until 7pm. As well as giving visitors a taste of rural life as it used to be, families can enjoy more up to date activities including a Maize Maze, Water Wars and a Quad Bike Rollercoaster.

Gary Verity Chief Executive of Welcome to Yorkshire said: “This is a terrific project which is guaranteed to give visitors of all ages a taste of the countryside and of rural life. And as a sheep farmer myself, I believe this is an essential part of education. We are proud to support Thorpe Hill Farm and we believe it will be a fantastic addition to the wealth of attractions we have to offer visitors to Yorkshire.”

Steve added: “The aim is to create a day out everyone can enjoy, whatever their age, and to welcome people to come and visit to share our journey as we turn back the clock and become a self-sufficient, open working farming using only horse-drawn and hand operated equipment.”

It will now enter its second phase of development which is scheduled for completion in early 2012 and will include a cafe, shop, education suites and an indoor activity centre.

The farm hopes to build strong links with local schools to provide outdoor learning and curriculum support as well as school visit days with a difference.

School bookings are already being taken for the 2011-12 academic year.



  1. My stepfather Jack Hargreaves who died in 1994, spoke for many years on his TV programmes Out of Town and later Old Country about farming the way you are doing it, including showing a couple of poignant films of farm sales as many farmers were forced to leave land they’d worked for generations. This might interest:


    Best wishes and power to your elbow at Thorpe Hill Farm, Steve.


  2. Is there attractions for children already at the farm, also what is the cost of admission to the farm.

  3. I remember a Colin Newlove riding his bull in the arena at The Yorkshire Show. Is this the same farming family of Newloves?

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