A1 closed following man on bridge threatening to harm himself

16 July 2011

North Yorkshire PoliceThere was an incident on the A1 on Saturday 16 July 2011.

North Yorkshire Police were called at approximately 7:30pm today (Saturday 16 July) following reports that a man was on a bridge crossing the A1 near to Catterick garrison.

When officers arrived they saw a man on the outside of the barriers on the bridge threatening to harm himself.

The A1 was closed in both the northbound and southbound directions as police negotiators spoke with the man.

The man left the bridge, of his own accord, and ran into woodlands at the side of the A1 at 9:30pm. The 24-year-old local man was arrested a short time later and taken into police custody.

The A1 reopened a short time later.



  1. I just want to thank the attention seeking 24 year old selfish man who completely ruined our journey home from Newcastle to Nottingham.
    After being held up for over an hour on A1 with a screaming 10 month old baby in the car, I would of done the other trapped motorists a favour and pushed him myself!
    What punishment will this sad individual receive for this annoying waste of police and the public’s time? Probably absolutely nothing! Well done to the British system!

    • Yes I too would like to thank the selfish idiot who held our return home back from Scotland up for an hour too…….thanks to the police who let about thirty cars get through without stopping us and then leaving us for an hour ……finally telling us we could reverse back down the hard shoulder and get out of it!

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