‘Special’ Operation To Target Metal Theft

Volunteers who give up spare time to make communities safer on the front line have hit the streets of Airedale and North Bradford in an operation to crack down on metal theft.

Officers from all six Neighbourhood Police Teams in Airedale and North Bradford were joined by volunteer Special Constables as part of the operation which saw them target scrap yards and dealers across the area on Saturday.

The joint teams visited 5 scrap yards to make sure they were not selling stolen metal and gathered intelligence on a potential problem premises.

During the operation, five penalty tickets were issued to drivers for driving offences such as driving without a seatbelt and driving without insurance.

Sgt Dave Collyer of the Eccleshill Neighbourhood Policing Team said: “Our Special Constabulary do a fantastic job and are invaluable to the Force.

“By giving up their spare time on Saturday, we were able to gather positive intelligence which will assist us in any future operations targeting scrap metal thefts.”


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