Rossett teacher David Charlesworth now confirmed dead

13 May 2011

The North Yorkshire Police have confirmed that David Charlesworth died on the afternoon of 12th May 2011 at the Pinderfields Hospital.

This follows an incident in the Green Lane area of Harrogate where in the early hours of the 11 May 2011 the emergency services were called to an incident where the 43 year old had received burns. The details of the incident have not been elaborated on as investigations continue with a coroners report being prepared.

David Charlesworth was a science teacher at Rossett School in Harrogate and was well regarded by both pupils and fellow teachers.

Alison B. Lowndes  told of how exciting and different he made lessons for her daughter “rather than just lecturing on technique and last minute hints, he came in blowing up balloons and asking them to tell him what percentage of nitrogen was in the air as he released the balloons to go whizzing round the classroom.”

Alison added: “The kids are absolutely gutted – the real shame is he had no idea how much they loved him ”

As news of his story appeared on-line, many heart-felt comments were made:

“You are the best, most inspirational and supportive teacher I have ever come accross and my son’s favourite teacher ever. Thinking of you and your family ”

“everyone loves u sir and rossett is not the same without u:( ”

Zoe Claire Almack: “R.I.P Mr Charlesworth.. Always made us smile!! One of the best teachers and amazing person.. Gone but never forgotten.. Thoughts with your family”

Chloe Hancock: “actually in shock! Mr Charlesworth best teacher there was at rossett by far! R.I.P xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”

Ellie Murray: “R.I.P Mr Charlesworth, best science teacher ever! never forgotten :'( xxx”

Maxi Franks: “RIP Mr Charlesworth … By far the soundest teacher … What a legend”



  1. this is so sad to hear this news. Didnt know him but sounds like a good man,liked and cared about by many!

  2. RIP Mr c, u was the most caring, loyal, funny teacher I ever had n u never failed to make us laugh! U have gone but u will never b 4gotten <3 u r sleeping with the angels now but god only takes the best x ur spirit will live on n my thoughts r with ur family! Sleep tight u legend xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Legend somes up MR C in one, absolutely devastating what has happened and a total shock to everyone! Gave me some good memories at Rossett and the best 5 years been form tutor, my thoughts go out to his family and friends at this sad moment in time! R.I.P Mr Charlesworth X

  4. Absolute Legend! Best Teacher eva and an amazing person to have known. Gone but Never Forgotton Mr C xxxx

  5. Mr Charlesworth, you got me through my Science SATs way back in 2002. A truly fantastic teacher, and a genuinely lovely bloke – my heart goes out to your family. You will be missed by many, and never forgotten. xxxx

  6. Mr Charlesworth, R.I.P you will never be forgotten here at rossett, its not the same without u!!! we had u for science for at least 4 years and you were the most amazing teacher we have ever had! you always took the time to talk to us and make us smile. we will well and truely miss you sir. Sleep tight.
    UR A LEGEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 XXXX

  7. mr c was always there for me and he helped me write my work out. he was my favorate teacher. Rest in peace we love you.
    We all think you’re awesome and so glad to have known you

  8. Mr Charlesworth you are the best going to miss you we will never forget you. Science will never be the same UR A LEGEND!!!
    ps. R.I.P

  9. Mr C, made Chemistry epic. Every lesson with colourful shirts and ties and lovely Italian shoes. We had alot of jokes and you took the mick out everyone, but the banter was the greatest and i wouldnt have had it any other way. Rest in peace and my thoughts and kind wishes are with your family. You were the best Rossett had to offer and the generations you have inspired will never forget you. Wish you knew how much we all loved you as a friend and a teacher. Your in a better place.

  10. sir u were a LEGEND and an amazing person to talk to when you needed help with anything sir you will never be forgotten :(

  11. devastating what has happened and a total shock to hear! Mr Charlesworth was a truly unique Science teacher who made my time at Rossett so much more enjoyable! He will never be forgotten.

  12. sir where do i start you were the best form tutor ever i coudn’t of asked for a better form tutor to help me through the hard times and everyone else you made form worth turning up for you were funny kind and a cheerfull person.
    today was so hard without you i almost cried to know i will never see you again i only wish i could of said goodbye to you
    i send my prayers to you and your family
    R.I.P sir your form loves you! <3

  13. So glad to have been part of your life, even if I was just a student. You were such an amazing in inspirational man and whenever I had science I’d always be excited to walk into the lab knowing that you’d have something amazing planned out for us to do. Miss seeing you around and giving you high fives in the corridors, you were always up for a chat whether it was to do with school or girls or whatever.

    Sleep tight sir, never forgotten. You were truly a pleasure to have known.

  14. Mr Charlesworth, and outstanding teacher, taught me and my sister for various years, absolute legend and will be missed so so much by Pupils and fellow staff members, my thoughts are with you and all your family. It’s all so surreal and things wont seem the same without you. R.I.P sir! <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  15. Will truely be missed by everyone. Even though its been years since I have seen him he had made a big impact on everyones lives and I doubt that anyone will forget him.

    RIP Mr C. X

  16. Such sad news and such a terrible loss. Mr Charlesworth was never a permanent teacher of mine but I did have him for a couple of science lessons way back in 2005 and yet I still remember him clearly today because he was a brilliant teacher who made an impact.

  17. Mr Charlesworth you were amazing. It’s such a shame you didn’t realise how much you were loved by the students and staff, and it’s sad how we didnt realise how much we loved you till it was to late. You were always there to cheer people up and everyone would walk out of your classes with smiles on their faces. All the lame jokes you’ve told to try make science stick in our heads. You’re such an amazing man and all the students and staffs thoughts are with your family. It’s a shame you wont see you son grow up but he will be brought up knowing his dad is an insperation and has helped many people and had so many friends. Words can’t describe the feeling around school today, but at least you’re no longer in pain, so much love for you sir. I know you’ll be up there now singing along to that rediculous atoms song. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  18. Sir, the lessons you taught me were always the funniest and livliest, your the only teacher that could link chemistry to rachel stevens.. you always wanted the best for everyone and you will truly be missed! telling me to take my coat off in the dining hall every morning, high fiving me in the corridors, always chatting to someone, smiling and laughing. School was awful today, it’s never going to be the same without you!! Sleep tight Mr C. Always and forever in our hearts, gbnf. Rest in peace you legend xxxxxxxx

  19. He was an inspiration to two of my children they loved and respected him and the way he took the te to understand their individual needs in learning. Sad loss to the world R.I.P

  20. Mr Charlsworth Was The Best Teacher Ever , Even Though I Dont No Him Well I Have Still Heard Good Things About Him , Every Time I Walk Through The Corridor And See Him You Always Say Hi To Mee.

  21. The best teacher ever, he always wanted the best for people, it stil seems unreal that he has passed away, rossett school will never be the same again, a really great guy.
    R.I.P <3

  22. We Will all miss him terribly he put science in to a different light he made lessons worth turning up to and made going to school more enjoyable knowin you were going to see his always happy and chirpy face. On behalf of my brother and I R.I.P mr. C Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  23. R.I.P. I never had you as a teacher but in year 7 when we were setted everyone in the year wanted you to teach us. Every day i see you in school with a smile on your face you were a very cheerful man and i’ve never seen you upset. I remember when me and my friends came into your classroom to play tetris on the computer and you gave us all funny nicknames. There have been a lot of tears shed throughout the school on your behalf, we are all devastated. You were an amazing person and you will always remain in our hearts forever. R.I.P sir never forgotten :'( xxxx

    Love ‘n’ Peace :'( xxxxxx <3

  24. sir, you were loved so much by everyone. you never taught me, but when ever i saw you in the corridor you were always smiling at me. i agree with everyone else when they say.. ROSSETT WILL NEVER BE THE SAME WITH OUT YOU.
    i got upset by your death like everyone else did in school, but my dad told me.. ‘Mr Charlesworth would want you to remember him and never stop talking about him.. try to never forget him.. remember him for the good things. remember him for the way he made people smile. remember him for him, not how he died. He would want you to carry on smiley as always, as he was always smiley.’ RIP Mr Charlesworth.. forever in our hearts.. and much love for your family<3
    from me and my brother.

  25. Mr Charlsworth – An amazing man! Who will be missed terrible. A loved one too all friends, family, students and staff. He was the one you could talk to about anything and not get embarrassed. He was the one who would always have a smile on his face no matter what. He was the one you could have a laugh with. He was the one that told me ‘when your a dancer and performing in your first show, I will be there cheering you on saying… I no that girl up there’. He is the one that said I looked like a Simpson once because I apparently had yellow make up on. He was the one that always wore the crazy ties and orange shoes. He is defiantly the best teacher rossett school has ever had. Your amazing sir. I just wish you could say ‘hey up bronnez’ one last time and I had a chance to say a proper bye tok you.
    He is the one that will want us to carry on as normal and try and have a smile on our face no matter how hard it must be. He is a LEDGEND! I love you sir….. R.I.P <3

  26. i wish that someone could have noticed what you were going through, then maybe this wouldnt have happened. sir you are a LEGEND and you always will be. we all love you and all of our thoughts are with you and your family. if only you knew how much we all loved you then maybe you would still be here. its going to be wierd walking around school knowing your not going to be there…again. you always wore them orange shoes, had your orange bag and always wore some hillarious ties, you made science fun and made me love it! R.I.P sir. we will never forget you. <3 xxxxxxxx

  27. dont be so flamin insensitive. he was our teacher and we all loved him. who cares how the news has spelt something. have some frikin respect. mr charlesworth was a one and only and you should remember that. maybe you should use your bran and be a little more sensitive. people are grieving, imagine if his family read this, imagine how they would feel, i think they would be pretty upset that you care more about the phrasing of a word then about the one and only mr C.

  28. I just cannot believe that a man so loved, so respected and admired could be taken from us. It pains me to know that he has left so many broken hearts behind. I do hope his family are supported but also all the children at Rossett school, who will naturally need support too, for the impact of this loss on the children will be hard to cope with. I hope that Mr C can feel the love for him in the wonderful messages left here by his students and friends, and know that he will be terribly missed. He has left a hole in our world the likes that only a good man can leave behind. They say the good die young and I have never truly understood what that meant until now. There are few enough good people in this world as it it, dear Lord please look after this one you have just taken from us. The measure of a man can be seen by the attendance at his funeral. I believe that Mr C’s funeral will be standing room only. God bless and sleep tight.

  29. Mr C, its still a shock to me that such a lovely bubbly guy has passed away! I really hated science with a passion but sumhow when I was in your lessons you would make it enjoyable, always there for people if they need them as a teacher and as a friend! In my hole time at been at rossett I can never remember anybody saying a bad word about you! You were and are always gonna be a true legend within the rossett walls!! my thoughts are with your family during this! May you rest in peace sir and I shall see you soon!! R.I.P xxx

  30. When I heard the news I was shocked as any normal person would be, I couldn’t believe that the man who always had a joke at hand or a funny story to tell had left us. Mr Dave Charlesworth you were an incredible man and a friend to all students, you weren’t a teacher because you didn’t act like one, which easily made you a legend along with that cheeky smile of yours. You didn’t talk down to us or act as if you were of higher status than us, you were the one person that actually made it worth while turning up to science. I don’t think you ever realised the impact you had on students and how many of them owe you for getting them through their exams, Rossett School has definately lost one of its finest. I just wish you had talked to someone instead of carrying the burden of emotions all by yourself, losing you is a huge blow and science will definately not be the same for current and future students. I send my love and support to your family and to everyone in Rossett. There is no goodbye Mr Charlesworth but only we’ll meet again.

  31. Mr C,
    you were the best form tutor any one could have wished for. We knew that no matter what our problem was we could always approach you and you would help us and we knew that you wouldnt judge. You made our form feel like a family and EVERYBODY loves you :) You always treated us like equals and every one regarded you as a friend not only a teacher. The way you taught was totally amazing, you never talked AT us you always talked with us and engaged everybody in your lessons.
    I have so many fond memories of form time, with your italian shoes, orange belt, orange shirt, wacky ties and your bright blue jumper wrapped around your shoulders :’) i love how you always took the mick out of people but in an endearing way :)
    You only have to look at the tree at school to realize how many lives you touched and how many people loved you and how you will NEVER be forgotten (by the way hope you liked your orange balloon i tied to your tree) :)
    Your family should be so proud of what an amazing and inspirational person you were to us :)
    and if there is a heaven, you will DEFO be there ;) much love to you and your family <3 you will be truly missed by all who knew you :) xxxxxxxx
    Lotsa love, Breezy :') <3

  32. The only mystery to Mr. C is how it was so hard to see, I guess I was too busy looking at Angie. or Jacqui. But after that dance show, I was never the same. lol.

  33. Mr Charlesworth, wish you could have heard the wonderfull memories my three children and their friends shared about you this weekend. We lit lanterns and sent them off in to the sky, hope you got them! Be at peace and thank you x

  34. Rest in peace Dave. Not seen you since London times but thanks for all those hilarious memories.
    So good to see what an impact you made on other people.

  35. Wow its true, im very far from harrogate and still the word of his death has reached me. It shows how far the love for this man went. He was by far the best most fun and witty teacher at rossit and im very sad to hear about whats happened. I hope everyone will take a moment of their time to remember all of the fond memorys that you all have of him as i do now. Rest in peace sir and thankyou for everything you gave us.

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