Chief Constable of Yorkshire Police given final written warning

10 May 2011

The North Yorkshire Police have issued a statement following the conclusion of the misconduct hearing involving the Chief Constable of North Yorkshire Police, Grahame Maxwell.

The tribunal hearing followed allegations that Grahame Maxwell helped a relative gain unfair advantage in a police recruitment campaign.


North Yorkshire Police’s Assistant Chief Constable Tim Madgwick, said:

“The misconduct hearing involving Chief Constable Grahame Maxwell has now concluded. The outcome of the hearing, at which Mr Maxwell admitted a breach of professional standards, is that he has been given a final written warning.

“Mr Maxwell and the other members of the Strategic Leadership Team look forward to continuing to lead the force and to providing the best possible policing service to the communities of North Yorkshire and the City of York.

“North Yorkshire is the largest single county force in England and is also one of the safest areas in the country. It is widely regarded as a high performing police force and we are committed to delivering a high quality service to our neighbourhoods.



  1. I think this case should be reviewed by the Equal Opportunities Commission.

    If a person, of such senior rank, and a practioner of setting policys complying with employment laws, could not see at the time the “wrong” they were doing, then how were they ever assesed as being fit for that position?

    I can’t see how this can be explained and put down to an error of judgement. Im sure all the employees of NYP (who may face a disciplinary charge in the future) will now be offering similar apologies, expecting similar lieanacy……and why not?……lead by example.

    Whilst the NYPA may accept the findings of the Independent, the residents and taxpayers of North Yorkshire might not. Mr Maxwell may make attempts to regain the trust of the paying public, but he will never gain mine……….unless. of course, he follows the steps of his deputy.

  2. Lesson here is don’t appoint your mate as your deputy, then you won’t be inclined to try it on like this. Pity the junior ACC who rumbled them. A boss should have checks and balances around him, not his old buddies, Mr Maxwell learned this years ago.

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