Harrogate Hospital Radio Welcomes New Sponsor Ashworth Law

18 April 2011

Harrogate Hospital Radio has a new sponsor for one of its most-listened to evening programmes.

The charity broadcaster, which first took to the air in 1977, has signed a 12-month deal with Harrogate-based law firm, Ashworth Law, for the Monday Night Request show, which goes out live between 8pm and 10pm.

Ashworth Law’s sponsorship will help cover annual running costs incurred by the radio station, which includes insurance and paying royalties to artists.

Ashworth Law with Harrogate Hospital Radio
Harrogate Hospital Radio chairman mark Bexley (centre) with Ashworth Law co-founder Mathew Cobley and Sarah Cunningham


Harrogate Hospital Radio Chairman Mark Bexley said: “We are delighted to have Ashworth Law as a new sponsor.

“Harrogate Hospital Radio is a voluntary organisation and we rely on the goodwill of members, the District Hospital, local people and businesses to maintain the valuable service we provide.

“We are very proud of the shows we air and it’s great that one of our most listened to has Ashworth Law putting its name to it. Their financial support is also extremely welcome.”

He added: “The package we offer potential sponsors, which is extremely good value, includes an in-house produced jingle played twice hourly and logo and name in our bedside listening guide.”

Ashworth Law Co-founder Mathew Cobley said: “Harrogate Hospital Radio is an extremely worthy charity and we are honoured to have our name associated with them.

“Even though we have clients all over the country and a second office in Manchester, our roots are very firmly based in Harrogate and we are keen to support local charities.”

Anyone wanting to find out more about the charity broadcaster and the work it does should contact Mr Bexley at the station on 01423 553342.


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