Harrogate-News to meet County Council over proposal to change Harrogate’s one-way system

5 April 2011

This Friday (8 April 2011) Harrogate-News are meeting the North Yorkshire County Council Team who are managing the consultation and implementation of changes to Harrogate’s one-way system.

The changes would involve re-routing the one way traffic through town away from Cheltenham Parade along Cheltenham Mount, to the ASDA Roundabout, up to the Odeon roundabout and then across the bridge back onto Station Parade. There are also proposed changes to Strawberry Dale Avenue, turning it into a one-way system. That was previously proposed but opposed by local residents.

The overall aim of the meeting is to understand more about the reasons for the proposed changes and to convey local peoples concerns.

Please email in your questions to news@harrogate-news.co.uk or add a comment to this news item.


  1. We have a main traffic route through the town using Cheltenham Parade and Station Parade. You wish to build a precinct joining the bus and rail stations which already adjoin. To achieve this amalgamation you think it necessary to pedestrianise Station Parade and then taking the traffic onto Cheltenham Mount, Bower Road and East Parade. How can you justify doing this, taking traffic from a perfectly good working route with very few residents, to a new and convoluted route with many residents and two large complexes for the over 50s who will then suffer the miseries caused by heavy traffic. It seems that the precinct is thought to be much more important than people and this is outrageous!!

    Please think again!

  2. This proposal is totally absurd. I thought there was a recession?? This is just mindlessly wasting money There is an ol expression “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” Many years ago there were very few one way streets in Harrogate and I am sure if we returned to this system the traffic would flow perfectly well and there would be fewer frustrated drivers.
    Driving all the way around town to reach ones destination is not only a waste of time but a waste of fuel.
    As Fred Curry has already said what abould all the elderly people who live along this proposed route? I bet that none of the planners involved in this scheme live anywhere near the route and I would also bet that they are not going to be affected by it on a daily basis.
    Here’s hoping common sense will prevail!!

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