Your views needed on the proposed changes to the one-way system in Harrogate

23 March 2011

The North Yorkshire County Council have announced plans for a major change to the one-way traffic system in Harrogate.

The changes would cost £750K and involve re-routing the one way traffic through town away from Cheltenham Parade along Cheltenham Mount, to the Asda Roundabout, up to the Odeon roundabout and then across the bridge back onto Station Parade.

There are also proposed changes to Strawberry Dale Avenue, turning it into a one-way system. That was previously proposed but opposed by local residents.

North Yorkshire Council have set-up an online consultancy form that people are being urged to complete.




  1. There doesn’t appear to be any reason for this change. It will create more bottlenecks any driverswill be driving further an waste more petrol overall. Hardly a green initiative. It is also rerouting traffic from a commercial area through a residential area which I am sure the residents really don’t want.

    So overall a waste of money and for no apparent reason.

  2. There appears to be no logic behind diverting traffic from its existing route to take it through a narrow residential street onto a series of bottlenecks and roundabouts to rejoin the existing route just south of the bus and railway stations.

    The central issue is led by a commercial development around the bus and railway stations. This should not be at the expense of potential traffic delays.

  3. Another bad idea by the council. They’ll be telling us that it will make the town centre safer for the pedestian, but what are the real fact and statistic regarding accidents on cheltenham parade? I think there is far more important issues. Taking the traffic away from the heart of the town centre will only close more shops and businesses who are paying premium rates for there premises in this very difficult economical climate. How much are we paying the consultancy firm for this pointless waste of money ?

  4. This doesn’t make sense. There is a general lack of reason being promoted about this one. If it’s road safety, then it’s less likely to be safe: cars using the current system are obvious in path. If it’s to move traffic out of the centre, it’s simply being displaced onto streets that are less wide (and the route would be longer).

    So I fail to see the real benefit of this scheme. The *real* way to reduce traffic in Harrogate is for a complete ring around the town; otherwise, you’re merely tweaking the small parameters.

  5. I live and work on East Parade. This is a very silly suggestion. It is also expensive at £750,000. I’ve leafleted all the streets nearby asking for my neighbours’ opinions and they are all against so far. I also know that Andrew Jones MP is meeting traders on Commercial Street tonight and most of them are opposed to the plan too.

  6. Another misuse of our money I see.

    Someone in the Harrogate offices are bored and this is what results for that bordom. How about concentrate on the state of the road? They are a disgrace.

  7. On another note…

    If this is a way to reduce traffic in Harrogate. Stop building flats, and install a park and ride system.

    It doesn’t take much thought process to come up with an easy resolution to this issue.

  8. I think this is a brilliant idea. All of my neighbours who I have leafleted agree also. The sooner this is done the better. Also the propsed cycle inititives are a good idea too. Lets face it at the rate of petrol increases, we wont be driving that much soon anyway. Well Done NYC.

  9. Does not look very planned-out now really does it….. so traffic will be reduced to just Buses & Taxis near the Bus Station / Train Station ? If so theres a huge floor in the scheme…… there will be NO access to the many delivery bays for a lot of the Business in the Town Centre . Also I guess that would scrap the various Street Markets which are run from time to time.

    Well done…. you’ll help to kill whats left of Harrogate blocking the main street access in Harrogate – LOL Because if it is too difficult for the companies to keep their shops running they well just move out of Harrogate.

    Or are they finally trying to build a new combined Train / Bus Station that they have talked about for the last 10+ years

  10. I am part of a local campaign group of residents and retailers who are all opposed to these plans. In our opinion, far from reducing congestion that doesn’t really exist, they will lead to massive congestion because of traffic lights to be placed at the top and bottom of East Parade. Local residents will suffer as their streets become a local “rat run” and property prices will inevitably fall. Car journeys will be longer and take more time due to the proposed one-way system on Cheltenham Mount/Bower Road, which will of course increase pollution levels. Huge amounts of town centre parking will be lost particularly with the proposed pedestrianisation of James Street and Princes Street, which ultimately will lead to fewer shoppers and therefore the closure of many of the independent retailers, all of whom contribute to making Harrogate such a special and unique shopping destination. In these austere times when businesses are struggling enough, such expenditure on plans to solve a problem that doesn’t exist is an outrage. We don’t need the A61 to be re-routed and we don’t want it. Our next meeting is Thursday 14 April, 5.30 at Lily’s Cafe on Commercial Street all welcome or e-mail

  11. Rather than this half-baked scheme, Harrogate needs a proper “ring road” one-way system, utilising existing roads. This would speed through-traffic around the outskirts of the town. Admittedly, it would also lengthen journeys for people who use their cars in and around town, but this wouldn’t be a bad thing, as it would deter people from using their cars for short journeys, when most of them could easily walk, cycle, or catch a bus. Skipton Road is a joke at all times of the day now. Parents please note – it would actually be good for your children to walk to school where this is feasible. I’m also in favour of pedestrianising as much of the town centre as possible. Even in the bits that are supposedly pedestrianised, you can still encounter vehicles, and I have never understood this. Traders have nothing to fear from pedestrianisation. It would make for a safer and more pleasant shopping experience and actually attract visitors to the town. It really is not essential to be able to park your car right outside the shops, and it spoils the look of Harrogate’s attractive streets! Adequate provision of park and ride facilities, public transport and disabled access would be essential of course, but it isn’t rocket science.

  12. £750,000 to make changes that are not needed and are not wanted why can this money not be spent on something that is actually useful for example the aforementioned park and ride for example. Our town thrives on tourism and conference delegates how is a valid spending of funds in the face of massive cuts to Harrogate Theatre which brings visitors and revenue to our town. In this time of cuts it is blatent wastage.

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