Hayden is a Fostering Hero

14 February 2011

A teenager from York has been named a “Fostering Hero” for going to the rescue of a woman who collapsed in Northallerton High Street.

Charlotte Bell suffered an epileptic fit and collapsed on the pavement. Her plight was seen by Hayden Davies, a 16-year-old boy who was born in Northallerton and now lives with foster carers in York.

Having undergone first-aid training as an Army Cadet, Hayden knew immediately what to do. He placed Charlotte in the recovery position and looked after her while a passer-by called for help from the emergency services.

“I believe that he saved my life,” said Charlotte, who coincidentally was also fostered by carers. “Although Hayden had only received basic first aid training, it made all the difference before the ambulance arrived to take me to hospital, and was enough to save my life. I can’t thank him enough.”

Charlotte’s thanks were echoed by Councillor Caroline Patmore, North Yorkshire County Council’s Executive Member for Children and Young People, who presented Hayden with a Certificate of Thanks and called him a “Fostering Hero.”

“Hayden had the forethought and courage to go to Charlotte’s help, and as she herself says, it probably saved her life,” said Councillor Patmore.

Bryan Kenealy, Hayden’s foster carer, also praised the boy.

“He’s a smashing lad, and it’s no surprise to me that he acted in this way,” he said. “The week before, he’d gone to the help of someone in York who also needed assistance. “

Steve Leahy, Service Manager with Fostering North Yorkshire, said Hayden’s prompt response to the emergency was a “perfect example” of how the service encourages carers and the children they look after to aim to be responsible citizens.

Anyone interested in getting involved in foster care should contact North Yorkshire County Council’s fostering service, Fostering North Yorkshire, on 08003892362

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  1. Its so lovely to hear a nice story about a teenager – see they NOT all hoody wearing, knife carrying thugs!!!! This story has made my day well done Hayden :0D

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