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11 February 2011

www.harrogate-news.co.uk has been running for just over a month now and we need your feedback.

During that time we have seen the number of people looking at the website steadily grow and have been astonished at the interest many of the  articles have gained.

The website was launched as a non-profit and and community website meaning that literally anybody can contribute as long as it meets the aim of bringing items that are interesting, entertaining or informative to the general public.

The website design has been refined and is continually being reviewed so that it presents as much information in a clear and concise way. We implemented a rotating main news item as we have been typically posting 5 news items per day and some items were disappearing from view on the main page very quickly.

It has been encouraging in how the content has grown and developed but we need more news items for the Business and Sports sections. We would welcome more contributions in those areas.

We don’t just want, but need your feedback.

Tell us what you like and what you don’t like. Tell us what you would like to see more off and what you would maybe like to see less of.

Either post comment below or email us news@harrogate-news.co.uk


  1. Well done guys – the site is a breath of fresh air- local, live and up-to-the-minute. Love the FB stream and instant visibility of stories in Google searches. Agree that more business news would be good, but as more and more people get to hear about the site, I expect it will start rolling in faster than you anticipate! Keep up the good work! How many readers do you have already?

    Love the fact that it’s community led, but maybe you should offer local suppliers the opportunity to advertise/promote their products/services?

  2. I like it –
    You’ve kept it fresh, clean and uncluttered.
    It is easy to navigate around and perfect for dipping into a couple of times a day.
    I personally would prefer to see it continue ad free or limited to local folks services, but I appreciate you may need revenue to run ‘Harrogate News’ as the venture grows.
    Good luck! and may it continue!

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