Man found on Harrogate railway line

5 January 2011
Fire crews and ambulance paramedics attended to treat a man found on railway tracks beneath a bridge in Harrogate.
The man was found at 9.35pm, on Tuesday 4th Jan 11 and was suffering from cuts and bruises.
British Transport Police are investigating further.

A British Transport Police (BTP) spokesman said:

“BTP can confirm that officers attended an incident at a railway bridge at York Place near Stray Rein in Harrogate yesterday, Tuesday 4 January following reports that a man had jumped from the bridge onto the railway line”

“The incident was reported to police at 21.10. The man, who was aged 19 and from Harrogate was treated at the scene by ambulance crews. The Fire service also attended to assist with lighting in the area”

“The man was taken to Harrogate Hospital with back injuries, which are not believed to be of a serious nature”

“The incident which caused delays to trains in the area, is not being treated as suspicious”

The man involved was discharged from hospital on 5th Jan.

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