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Harrogate Expert’s National Health Drive

5 January 2011
Debbie Saxton of Complete Lifestyle

HARROGATE health expert Debbie Saxton has put together advice for anyone wanting to get 2011 off to a healthy start.

Debbie, who also runs a chiropractic clinic on Leeds Road with a special interest in paediatric and postnatal care, has launched a new step-by-step guide to health and wellbeing that she hopes will promote better health throughout the UK.

“I initially intended to write a book but realised I would be giving people too much information at once and they would be unlikely to stick to the advice,” said Debbie, who is a vociferous campaigner against misinformation on dietary matters.

“By serialising it into 12 issues, each of which advises on small changes that can be made without giving up the things you enjoy, there is a greater chance of long term health improvement.”

Here are her healthy New Year tips:

Eat something fresh and raw before every meal – it won’t be long before you start feeling the benefit.

Try to spend less time sitting still so when you arrange to meet friends suggest going for a walk instead of a coffee.

Drink more water – two litres throughout the day, every day.

Look carefully at your plate at meal times and make a conscious effort to ensure that at least half of it is made up of fruit or veg.

End every day by focussing on the things you feel grateful for.

Cut down the amount of processed grain you eat – you’ll quickly notice an improvement in your energy levels.

For more healthy lifestyle advice visit Debbie’s website

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