New Restaurant Victus opened in Harrogate by Jenson Button

Jenson Button

Jenson Button opened a new restaurant today (5th Sept 2011) with the Mayor of Harrogate, Les Ellington.

The restaurant is called Victus and is on Beulah Street in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

Founded, designed, built and operated by a team of people all with a love for fresh, quality and just generally tasty food!

The opening followed two years of planning and five months of renovation that has brought Victus to life. A chic, up beat and incredibly welcoming venue.

Victus is aiming for a relaxed and comfortable environment where dishes can be shared with friends and family. Food that’s fresh, healthy, very tasty and delivered to you quickly and conveniently.

Talking with the new Victus team, they all demonstrate a real enthusiasm and passion for the new enterprise. They have managed to open a new restaurant that is different, in a town that has many restaurants.

The event attracted a crowd of around 150 people waiting for a glimpse of Jenson. He spent time with his fans signing everything from life-sized cardboard cutouts to designer bags. Inside, he donned an apron and made the Mayor a cup of tea before spending time talking to the new kitchen team.

Founding member and Formula 1 driver Jenson Button said

Having a keen interest in great food and different types of cuisines from around the world I wanted to be part of a restaurant that combined all of my favourite elements of dining out with friends. Tasty food, great atmosphere and friendly staff. Food should be a source of enjoyment and with Victus I really feel we’ve captured that.

Jenson ButtonMayor of Harrogate with Jenson Button

They are open 7 days a week from 7am-11pm Monday to Saturday and 9am-11pm on Sundays.