Local heroes save woman from house fire

Two local heroes have this afternoon (2 Aug 2011) saved a woman from her burning house on Mount Street in Harrogate.

Graham Chapman and Steve Byrne who work at the Oatlands Garage on Mount Street noticed the smoke coming from the building.

They kicked the front door down and were beaten back by the heat and smoke of the fire, but they could hear inside a woman coughing. They returned with a ladder which they placed against the bedroom window and managed to lead the woman in her mid 40’s to safety.

The Harrogate Fire Service arrived with two units and entered the building with 4 fire-fighters with breathing apparatus using 2 hoses to ensure the building was empty and completely extinguished.

The house was extensively fire damaged and the main bedroom only escaping the same level of damage as the door had been closed.

Station Manager Simon Render said “A big well-done  to the guys for getting the lady out so quickly – the fire could of easily spread to the adjoining buildings and the outcome of been very different”

Heroes Graham Chapman and Steve ByrneHeroes Graham Chapman and Steve Byrne