A61 Re-route of Station Parade – not recommended says County Council Report

North Yorkshire County CouncilThe North Yorkshire Country Council have completed their review on the A61 Re-route of Station Parade and published a full report with recommendations that will go forward to the Harrogate Area Committee.

The report took into consideration many factors but has reported that over 87% of people strongly disagreed with the scheme. It recommends that further studies are made to give a more considered approach.

The report notes the lack of local support for the scheme, but also the concern locally for traffic issues.

In summary the recommendations of the report are:

– Formation of a working group with Harrogate Borough Council to develop a wider strategy around town centre traffic

– Feasibility study for a park and ride

– Feasibility study  for a Rail stop East of the current station

This is not a final decision. The report will be reviewed by the area committee  with a recommendation being made before a final decision by the North Yorkshire County Council Executive on 8th July.

The full report can be viewed here