Website Traffic Statistics

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Website Statistics for the Harrogate Informer news website, based on a 3 month period to 31 December 2018.

We have around 8,000 pages viewed per day, 70% from mobile devices/ tablets. The readership is fairly level for ages from mid-twenties into fifties.

The demographics show a split between the Harrogate District, Leeds and London. Further breakdown does show readers from Leeds being more during the working day.

Readership through the day is to a typical trend of breakfast and lunchtime peaks. Evening traffic can also be strong with news items being re-shared on Social media.


Social Media
Facebook 22,340
Twitter 17,105
Youtube 584


Daily Metrics
Sessions 5,958
Pages per session 1.38
Page Views 8,236


Mobile 53.69%
Tablet 15.37%
Desktop 30.94%


Age Demographics
18-24 4.71%
25-34 20.74%
35-44 22.58%
45-54 25.15%
55-64 16.03%
65+ 10.78%


New vs Returning Visitors
Returning 53.40%
New 46.60%


Location of readers
London 31.35%
Harrogate 28.31%
Leeds 18.29%
Other 22.05%