You’re fired! – Leon Doyle interviewed following his exit from the Apprentice

On the 22 June 2011 Leon Doyle was fired by Lord Sugar from the Apprentice.

This followed an unsuccessful task in which products were taken to Paris to be sold to retailers.

Harrogate-News has been given one of his first interviews following his departure from the programme.

Editor: “Thank you very much for making the time to speak to Harrogate-News, could you tell us a little about your connection with Harrogate ?”

Leon: “My parents live in Wetherby and I attended Westend and then Ashville Schools in Harrogate as a day boarder. That was until the age of 18, but I still have many friends in Harrogate”

Editor: “With your knowledge of Harrogate, what do you believe the town needs to do to improve its business base ?”

Leon: “I was in Harrogate just the other day meeting friends. I know Leeds much better since that is now my business base.

“Comparing Harrogate to Leeds though, people in Leeds dress much more for Business and conduct Business in a much more of gentlemanly manner than Harrogate.”

Editor: “What would you say to young people who want to set-up a Business ?”

Leon: “If you have a good idea and are passionate then go for it. Just don’t come up with an idea that is something the size of a space shuttle, maybe keep it to just a £1,000 but develop your drive and just go for it.”

Editor: “Where are you going now ?”

Leon: “I am still running my take-away ordering business, Master menu and I also have a business that sells canvas shoes, but that is very seasonal.

“I also have a company called that saves people money when calling 0800 numbers from mobile phones. I am lucky that having those businesses gives me the cushion to look at other ventures.”

Editor: “Will you be bringing Master Menu to Harrogate ?”

Leon: “Eventually yes! At the moment I am working on the franchising and are targeting the larger student populations such as Leeds. But Menu Master will be coming to Harrogate at some point”

Editor: “What do you most like about Harrogate ?”

Leon: “Harrogate has a lot to offer, it is a beautiful town, feels very safe and has good transport links

Editor: “What would you do if you could turn back time, what would you of done differently in the apprentice ?”

Leon: “Things were difficult right from the start and the squashing of the Oranges!”

Lord Sugar said at the time to Leon: “You’re in by the skin of you teeth” Leon himself then put himself forward as Project Manager for the second task of the series where they the teams developed a new mobile phone application. Leon’s team lost and being the Project Manager was once again in front of Lord Sugar for possible eviction.

Leon explained further: “But if I would change one thing then it would to be more assertive. Many of the contestants came from a corporate background and I don’t have that experience and how they operate.”

Editor: “I don’t expect you can say as you probably know who wins, but who would you like to win ?

Leon: “I actually don’t know who eventually wins, it was filmed some time ago, but I would like to see Jim win”

Editor: “Thank you for making the time to talk to Harrogate-News and we wish you well in all your ventures for the future”




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