Too Good To Write Off?

Date(s) - 22 July 2022

The Old Swan Hotel
North Yorkshire

Old crime fiction characters never die, they just lose the plot. Meet four writers who’ve taken on the daunting task of breathing new life into some of the genre’s most loved figures.
American author Bonnie MacBird has resurrected the world’s greatest detective in four new Sherlock Holmes novels, the latest of which is The Three Locks; Sophie Hannah has used her little grey cells to channel her inner Christie and has written four acclaimed new Hercule Poirot mysteries; Elly Griffiths has brought Christie’s legendary detective Jane Marple back to life and in sparkling form in Marple: Twelve New Stories; Tom Harper co-authored two enthralling novels with Wilbur Smith and has now taken on Smiths mantle after the legendary adventure writer’s death. The original SJ Parris will chair.

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