The World of Wellness + Writing

Date(s) - 27 April 2019
10:00am - 4:00pm

West Park Hotel






Do you work in a creative field? Are you a writer, author, poet, blogger, novelist, reporter…. or just have to write a lot of reports, essays or marketing content to write? If so, how do you avoid burnout, keep your creative juices flowing, stay focused, become more productive, keep your energy levels up….? Don’t worry, at the World of Wellness and Writing, we have lots of tips and hacks to help you.

We have some great stalls, plus talks and workshops on all through the day (here is a sneak peek):

10am-11am Calligraphy Harrogate (workshop)
11am-12pm Promoting Yorkshire Authors
12pm-1pm Susanna Lewis: Writing as a form of therapy
1pm-2pm Martine Moorby (Reiki, EFT, spiritual health)
2pm-3pm Meditation with Lou
3pm-4pm Kate Bunney Essential Oils and Magnetix
Self care is perhaps of the most important element in a creative person’s life. As we deplete ourselves of energy and constantly delve within to find new ideas, inspiration and drive, we need to look after ourselves. Sadly most of us don’t and we experience burnout or frustration.

Here at the World of Wellness and Writing we believe in promoting self care for all writers from healthy lifestyle choices to ideas for refilling your creative well.

Come visit our fascinating stalls and uncover the secrets to uplevel your writing, studies and work… or just gentle and inviting ways to improve your wellbeing.

Our boutique event is free to all and designed to inspire you to write and find a self care routine that works for you.

There will be stalls showcasing nutritional advice and products to keep you focused, practices to help you recharge and find balance, experts in the field of fitness and posture, literary professionals and of course writing products and services.

Please feel free to attend out Wellness and Writing Corner where 30-minute presentations on writing, self care, wellbeing and related workshops will be held throughout the day.

Pop in after or before your Saturday shop for a tea or coffee at the beautiful West Park Hotel opposite the Stray. Once you are rested peruse our stalls for inspiration, gifts, ideas, writing tips, self care routine and all kinds of wellbeing wonders to delight you both as a writer and creative.

ADMISSION IS FREE. No need to purchase a ticket. But if you do wish to register your interest by purchasing a free ticket, we will send you a free ebook on how to relieve your back pain and a free clean diet ebook to help you stay healthy and on task.

Just come through the front of the hotel, past the bar on your right, to the hotel reception desk and you’ll find our boutique event in the private dining room.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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