Nomad Pop-Up Restaurant @ Wharfedale Grange
Nomad Pop-Up Restaurant @ Wharfedale Grange

Nomad Pop-Up Restaurant @ Wharfedale Grange

Date(s) - 22 March 2019 - 23 March 2019
7:00pm - 1:00am

Wharfedale Grange
North Yorkshire
LS17 9LW

Spiced Rum Cocktail from The Harrogate Tipple

Selection of Little mouthfuls from Vietnam, Cambodia and The Philippines

Rijsttafel or Indonesian rice table
Rijsttafel is a massive array of plates and bowls all filled with all the flavours from across Indonesian cuisine. All our dishes are all laid out on the table at once in true feast fashion, and you simply help yourself to the selections as you wish………

Rijstaffel Menu
rendang padang – spicy sumatran beef stew
coconut daging besengek – turmeric beef stew coconut
gulai iga – lamb chop. potatoes, sumatran curry
tusuk udang Kalimantan – grilled shrimp skewers sambal ‘gami’
ayam goreng bumbu kuning crispy fried chicken drumstick
sate ayam chicken skewers kacang sauce
babi kecap pork stew, 5 spices, sweet soy sauce
telor belado hard boiled egg hot belado sauce
sayur lodeh mixed vegetables, light coconut sauce
sambal goreng buncis green beans bambu, spicy coconut sauce
gado gado vegetable salad, peanut dressing
jasmin rice
acar ketimun sweet & sour cucumber salad, carrot, bell pepper, shallot
tempe terik vegetable salad, peanut dressing
serundeng roasted coconut, peanuts

Nanas Goreng – Indonesian Pineapple fritters served with Coconut Ice Cream and Spiced Whisky Sauce

Traditional Indonesian Dancing from Lila Bhawa

Full Moon Party DJ set from Club Class Entertainments

UV Glow Neon Face paint Shack

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