Harrogate based magicians and mind readers, Forster & Smith present ‘Inevitable’ at the FEVA Festival

Date(s) - 18 August 2018
7:30pm - 10:00pm

Frazer Theatre
North Yorkshire

Harrogate based magician and mind readers Forster & Smith will be performing a brand new show as part of the FEVA festival in Knaresborough.

The magical duo give control over to the audience who make decisions throughout the evening.

They even place their safety in the hands of the audience as they perform the most dangerous effect in stage magic, where a 6 inch nail is hidden in one of four paper bags and mixed up.
They proceed to slam their hand down onto any bag chosen by the audience! Many magicians have failed doing this, will they join that list and end up in hospital?

Their blend of magic and mind reading will blow you away as they make predictions they couldn’t possibly have known, unless they were really physic!


Tickets for our show are on sale now! After being part of two sell out shows in the past two years, you should get them before they go!
Frazer Theatre Knaresborough, Saturday 18th August, 7:00pm




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