Drawn to Rock a new exhibition by Joe Cornish at Brimham Rock

Date(s) - 21 June 2021 - 30 November 2021

Brimham Rocks


See Brimham Rocks in a whole new light with an exciting exhibition by esteemed photographer, Joe Cornish. Inspired to capture the iconic landscape from a new perspective, Joe’s images reveal Brimham from a point of view few people see.

As part of the 50 years of the National Trust at Brimham Rocks anniversary, renowned Yorkshire landscape photographer Joe Cornish has produced a new exhibition of works that will be on display to visitors from 21 June to 30 November 2021 at the Brimham Rocks visitor centre.

Joe has a real passion for Brimham Rocks and understands the raw magical power that this special place can have and wished to convey the spirit of Brimham in a whole new light. The majority of people that visit do so during the day time hours so Joe wanted to capture Brimham at a time when few people see the rocks and the countryside, at night. Through Joe’s night time images, Brimham takes on a very different but powerful guise, as he plays with light and shadows.

Joe said:

The photographs and mixed media pieces for this exhibition were created through numerous visits to Brimham in many conditions, and subsequent ruminations on the nature of geological time. Inspired by what lies above the surface, the intention is to reflect on what lies beneath it, something that finds its equivalent in the human condition. Although landscape photography remains the primary form of expression, by using words and paint as well I hope to question the hard boundaries that exist between different media, as well as exploring the interplay of material and energy inherent in sedimentary geology.

Not all of Joe’s works for the exhibition are taken at night and some of his daylight images display a variety of depths of field, showing the rock formations many know so well, countered against extreme closeups of the rock structures within the same image.

Although known primarily as a photographer, Joe hasn’t always worked in this medium, originally beginning his artistic career working in fine art. Through his work on this project, Joe wanted to combine his photography work with the chance to go back to his fine art beginnings. The results therefore show an experimental aspect to his work combining photographs with added elements of paint and text.


Justin Scully, General Manager of Brimham Rocks said:

We’re delighted to be working with Joe, especially since we had to postpone the exhibition because of the coronavirus pandemic. Joe’s work captures the power of landscape at Brimham but also helps us look at it in a new light at a time when as well the growing appreciation of nature we are also more than ever aware of the threat to nature from climate change.

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