Boozy Tour of Harrogate

Date(s) - 15 April 2022
All Day

Old Bell Tavern

The new Boozy Tour, we will enjoy an evening spent diving into Harrogate’s best taverns, inns and ale houses and the story behind the libations they have to offer.

The Boozy Tour is first and foremost a cultural and educational experience where we mull over some of life’s great questions. Why do we clink glasses when we cheers? Why do we even say ‘cheers’? Can the Malaysian pen-tailed tree shrew drink you under the table?

What’s included?

Starting from The Old Bell in Low Harrogate, we will launch into a three hour tasting experience of some the finest, quality products Yorkshire and the world has to offer.

Stop one
The Old Bell Harrogate – Ale
3 x 1/3 pints of Beer and accompanying canapes.
We will discover the origins of alcohol, from p****d up primates to mortaled monks. And how booze quite literally started civilisation as we know it! Chris, General Manger of The Old Bell has selected three incredible beers to try including an exclusive medieval-style beer from the continent.

Stop two
Hales Bar – Champagne
1 x glass of Champagne
A few miles east of Paris if the Region of Champagne, the only area in the world that can call its product thusly. Within champagne’s 400 villages, 43 may call their product Premier Cru *(the best stuff). But just 17 may call there sparkling wine Grand Cru (the best of the best). Along with Amanda at the oldest public house in Harrogate, we have sourced and will be serving some of the finest champagne available in the Councillors’ private booth!

Stop Three
The Sky Bar at The Yorkshire- Gin
1 x Double Slingsby Gin and Tonic and nibbles
Whilst we sip at our Dutch courage and admire the view from the Yorkshire Hotel’s stunning Sky Bar. We will not only dive into the story of gin but distillation as a whole including, whisky, vodka and more!

Stop four
North Bar Harrogate – Cocktails
1 x Cocktail of your choice, charcuterie and cheese board
Having left the old, we arrive at the new, and possibly one of Yorkshire’s greatest success stories: North Bar. Gabi and her incredible team will provide us with an exceptional cocktail of your choice with bread, meat and cheese to soak our evening libations up!

£55 per person

Teetotal Option
£45 Per person

For Veggie, Vegan and Gluten free options available.

My Boozy Tour is not a pub crawl with the intention of getting as sloshed as possible (equally do not plan on driving home!). I have designed a delightful stroll through Harrogate where we can not only see and hear its history, but taste it as well.

As a licensee, I have a responsibly not only to my guests on the tour, but to the amazing teams of the establishments will be visiting to make sure everyone has a safe and fun time!

Guests are asked not to arrive already five sheets to the wind. Trust me, if you so wish, you will be perfectly jolly by the time we are done! Equally, please do not feel you have to drink at all! Head to my booking page to find the Teetotal option (all the history, none of the headache).

Finally, please remember alcohol is a controlled substance and a drug and should be treated as such. For more information or if you are looking for any advice on alcohol. .

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