A talk on all things Thyroid followed by a Q&A session

Date(s) - 18 September 2019
7:30pm - 9:30pm

Harewood Village Hall
West Yorkshire
LS19 9LJ

The British Thyroid Foundation presentation on Wednesday 18 September at 7.30 until 9.30 (Doors open at 7.15)
at Harewood Village Hall, Church Lane, LS17 9LJ
A talk on all things Thyroid followed by a Question and Answer Session.
The Speaker will be Dr. Sam Matthew Pearson – Consultant Endocrinologist

Free entrance but donations to the British Thyroid Foundation would be gratefully accepted.

The event is being organised by Caroline Fields.
Contact Caroline Fields 0113 2886393

Caroline’s Story

I am a professional singer and actress (Black & White Minstrels etc) still entertaining in Theatres up and down the country.

20 odd years ago I began to lose weight and felt dreadful. My GP immediately referred me to St. James in Leeds. After 6 months of X-rays and scans, the specialist decided to do a blood test! (These days that would be the first thing they would do!)

It was discovered that I had an over-active thyroid – hence the weight loss. A couple of years later I turned under-active which is far easier to manage. As my GP wouldn’t refer me to an Endocrinologist who is a specialist is thyroid matters I joined the British Thyroid Foundation in Harrogate so I could get more information.  Then I volunteered as a local co-ordinator holding 2 or 3 meetings each year either at the ladies college in Harrogate or Harewood Village Hall which is where this next one is on Wed 18th Sept. at 7.30pm. The speaker is Consultant Endocrinologist Doctor Sam Matthew Pearson.

There are thousands of women and a few men suffering with this silent disease who don’t seem to be able to get help. Hopefully, by attending a meeting they gain knowledge, get help and advice and made to feel that they are not alone! They can get support from others too.

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  1. Happens with dogs too! My gundog was diagnosed at around age 4; the only symptom was a very dull & lifeless coat, with one bit of skin irritation and baldness around it. The vet took blood samples, whereas under-active thyroid was diagnosed immediately. Daily medication has been the only treatment needed, and now age 10, he has a lovely shiny coat and is bouncing around like a 2-year old!

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