The main differences between UK casinos and US casinos

31 January 2022

All over the world there is a large market for gambling with many choosing to wager their money in the hopes to make a profit. Certainly, the gambling industry is a lucrative revenue generator for both the United Kingdom and the United States with a major expansion in the ways in which people can gamble as well as dramatic changes in terms of where they can gamble.

Of course, both countries differ in the laws and regulations that authorise gambling as they have two opposing legal systems. In the United States, the laws of gambling can be different in each state as it is not one united governing body. For example, the rules in Las Vegas are more relaxed which is why it has become known as a place to gamble, whilst other states like Utah are more strict and forbid gambling completely.

Gambling laws

Alternatively, the UK has laws and rules that apply to the entire country and it is controlled by the Gambling Act (2005). The UK also consists of four independent countries, including England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Island. Each country has the ability to enforce its own rules and regulations. In Northern Island, casinos are illegal so many would go down south to gamble.

Furthermore, in the United States, the legal age to enter a casino is 21 whereas the legal age requirement is 18 if you are entering UK casinos. The ways in which games are played also differs. For example, there is a European and American variant if you are playing roulette. Another factor which differentiates UK casinos with those in the US is the actual size of the casinos. The casinos in the United States tend to be grand and ostentatious whereas UK casinos are smaller.


Dress codes

Another of the major distinctions between casino in the UK and US is the dress code by which participants and players abide by. While in the UK there is no strict dress code, players tend to opt for a business casual style. This includes smart trousers and dresses. Alternatively, casinos the US don’t adhere to a dress code of any kind and players are able to enter the venue in casual wear.

Success of the online gambling industry

The United Kingdom is a notable contributor to the success of the online gambling industry. Now, the industry brings about billions in revenue for the government and is expected to flourish even more in the next few years. Online gambling is legal in the UK according to the Gambling Act of 2005. This includes bingo, poker, sports betting as well as many other games. Online gambling has been successful in breathing life into the gambling industry overall. Now, the industry generates billions in revenue for the government and is set to grow even more over the coming years.

On the other hand, ever since the UIGEA of 2006, American players have found it challenging to gamble online. Interestingly, fantasy leagues were excluded from this law. In fact, although casinos are present in 46 states, people are only allowed in bet online in just four of the fifty states. This law made it illegal for banks etc. to process transactions relating to gambling websites. This meant it was extremely difficult for players to withdraw money that they have one and make any deposits.

Software providers in the US decreased significantly which means that the variety of games is noticeably less compared to the UK. Participants in the US may not have the opportunity to claim many of the great bonuses that players in the UK can avail of. Although the UK gambling industry is miles ahead the popularity of online gambling in the US is growing. While the online gambling rules in the US are more blurry, there are hopes that laws and regulations will be relaxed in the coming years. This is because the number of people going to physical casino establishments has increased which reflects a growing appetite for gambling.

Finally, it is important to note that both countries are in conflict with regard to their rules with authorising foreign players to play. In the UK, casinos and sports betting establishments allow those from other countries to play if online gambling is legal in the country they have travelled to. In contrast, in the United States, no one from another country is permitted to sign up at any online gambling centre.

Furthermore, they only allow American residents to play casino games in another state if they have actually travelled there to place their bets. In this sense, the United Kingdom is far more lenient with their online gambling laws. Certainly, it is much more accessible and convenient that in the United states.

To conclude, there a myriad of elements which differentiate UK casinos and US casinos. These main distinctions include the minimum age requirements, the dress code and the differing laws which govern them. There are also notable differences in both countries participation in the sector of online gaming.

If you are considering playing online casino games, it is important that you check the laws and regulations of the country you are playing in before signing up. With online gambling seeing a dramatic increase in traffic, experts believe that states in the United States will be forced to review their gambling licenses which could lead to a relaxing of the strict and stringent rules governing online gambling.

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