Learn India’s Most Popular Sports and How to Make Money With Them!

16 November 2021

Internationally, India is not usually known as a famous country when it comes to sport. However, the Indian population generally enjoys sports and you can find many indian local betting sites.

In fact, we can say that this country excels rather well in sports disciplines which are relatively little known in the West. This is the case, for example, with these two very popular sports in the Indian subcontinent: cricket and kabaddi. So, what is the most popular sport in india?

With the help of author Kate Richardson, specialist in sports around the world, we’ve separated some of the most famous sports within the country.

Cricket: the most famous sporting discipline in the country

When you are in India, you will notice that it is not the national sport, which is field hockey, which is the sport that has the most fans in the country. The Indians rather give pride of place to cricket.

It is, therefore, the most popular sport in India and it is the one that generates the most income in the country. You should know that cricket plays a very important role in the adhesion between the inhabitants of this country where the contrasts and contradictions of the most disconcerting in the world reign.

So, whatever the origin of a cricketer, when he excels in this game, he is admired as a hero. Note that even the most popular of Bollywood stars, India’s biggest film industry, is not put on such a pedestal in the country.

The Indian cricket team holds such an important place in the life of Indians that many organize their social as well as professional life according to their team’s schedule. It is basically a national sport day in india when your cricket team is playing.

Regarding the origins of cricket in the countries, it should be known that this sport was brought by the English to Indian lands.

In its early days, only a few groups of Indians close to the English authorities participated in this game. Then, a little later, Indian royal families began to play this game, which meant only people that could buy a range rover sport in india, for example, played it.

When India gained independence in 1947, the Cricket fever began to spread throughout the country, finally reaching the extent that it holds today in the territory.

Kabaddi: a sport with tough contacts between opponents

Although relatively little known in Western countries, kabaddi is another very popular sport in India. It is practiced anywhere, whether on the beach or on a small field with a piece of grass.

As this is a popular sport, no strict regulations are imposed on a dress, when it comes to practicing it in everyday life, apart from the official version in the halls.

The main thing is to have fun. It can be played five against five or four against four, depending on the number of players available. In this game halfway between wrestling and rugby, in the official version, two teams each composed of seven players compete on a field. Contacts can be quite physical. Note that this is also a sport in India in which breathing plays an essential role.

When an attacker goes on the offensive, he must hold his breath. To show that he has not actually caught his breath, he must repeat the term “kabaddi” over and over again.

During this phase, he will try to touch his opponents who are holding hands in their camp, in order to eliminate them. In the meantime, they will try to hold back the attacker until he loses his breath and therefore eliminate him in turn.


Although not being among the most popular, football is certainly a famous sport in india, mainly in international competitions for the National Team.

Apart from following the National Team and also the local competitions, Indians also like to follow and bet on European Leagues and, of course, the FIFA World Cup. If you want to know more about online bookmakers and how to place bets on football, you can check this site.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is very popular in India. The two top horse racing venues in Mumbai are the Mahalaxmi Racecourse and the Royal Western India Turf. In February, horse lovers, punters, and Bollywood stars flock to the Indian Derby, the most important race of the year.

Even though a ticket for this competition is not as expensive as the range rover sport price in india, it certainly it’s not cheap.


India has several sports that are popular among locals. However, cricket really stands above the rest.

This is not only because of the Indian National Team’s excellent results in cricket, but also because of the connection that the local population has with the sport.

For them, a cricket match is an extremely important event and an ace is a bigger star than the best local actors and singers.

Also, other popular sports are:

  1. Football

  2. Kabaddi

  3. Horse Racing

  4. Field Hockey

Kabaddi is the second most popular sport, despite being considered by many to be a means of entertainment rather than a competitive sport. In any case, the Indian population loves both playing sports and following sports competitions.

Title: Learn How to Make Money with India’s Most Popular Sports!

Description: India’s got a Huge Population and is a Country that Loves Sports. Check Out the Most Popular Sports in India!

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