Ben Taylor, also known as Yorkshire Prose
Ben Taylor, also known as Yorkshire Prose

Theakston’s celebrates pub openings with epic ‘More Than Just A Pint’ poem


T&R Theakston has teamed up with a spoken word poet to celebrate the reopening of pubs and capture the nation’s emotional attachment to the pint.

The epic verse that is sure to leave a lump in the throat of landlords and regulars across the country, is entitled ‘More Than Just A Pint’, and has been crafted by poet Ben Taylor, better known to his legion of fans on social media as Yorkshire Prose.

Performed against a dramatic Yorkshire skyline, the poem, which was launched on social media, celebrates the special place that the pint holds in British society and brilliantly captures why so many of us have missed being able to pop for a swift drink with friends and family through the lockdown of 2020.

Simon Theakston, joint managing director of T&R Theakston said:

With almost 200 years of brewing heritage behind us, we understand first-hand how, as a nation, we have a huge emotional connection to the pint. The pint is not simply a drink, it’s a helping hand, a celebration, a commiseration, a bridge-builder, and so much more.

As the hospitality sector makes its return, we wanted to create something that would allow us to capture these attachments, and who better to help us do that than another proud Yorkshireman? As Ben explains so eloquently in the poem, for us, it’s always been more than just a pint, and this is truer now than ever as we come out of lockdown.

Ben Taylor, also known as Yorkshire Prose, said:

I was chuffed when I heard that Theakston’s wanted to work together to create an ode to the pint. I was already a huge fan of their beers and, after speaking to the team, I jumped at the chance to help present their values of people, heritage, and quality to a wider audience.

We’re really proud of what we’ve created together and are excited to see how people respond to the poem. I think the sentiment, the emotional significance of the pint, is something that a lot of people can relate to, especially given the lockdowns. I know I speak for many when I say that I can’t wait to get back in the pub and start creating memories again.

Ben, who is a serving Petty Officer in the Royal Navy, is well-known for his poetry, spoken in the Yorkshire dialect, penning poems on topics including Remembrance Day, Rugby League and Yorkshire puddings.

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