Jim Carter and Imelda Staunton host lockdown quiz

Harrogate-born film star Jim Carter recently hosted a lockdown quiz with his spouse Imelda Staunton. The celebrity couple asked viewers questions about the Downton Abbey television series and the Harry Potter movies in an effort to raise funds for the Marie Curie charitable organisation.

The lockdown quiz took place on the Marie Curie Facebook page on 28 May and contestants got the chance to win prizes such as John Lewis vouchers, Superdrug self-care bundles, and an overnight stay at Beachcroft Beach Huts in Sussex.

As more local events like Knaresborough’s Feva Festival get cancelled as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, events like lockdown quizzes have become increasingly popular. But with celebrities like Jim Carter and Imelda Staunton being willing to host the quizzes, they can be a valuable source of funds for charities like Marie Curie.

The entry fee for Mr Carson & Prof. Umbridge’s Ultimate Pub Quiz was £5, and all proceeds went towards helping Marie Curie carry out their essential tasks of helping those with terminal illnesses.

Jim Carter is famous for his role as Mr Carson in the Downton Abbey television series, and Imelda Staunton has won multiple awards for her work on the stage and screen including the movies such as Sense and Sensibility, Much Ado About Nothing, Shakespeare In Love, and the Harry Potter series.

The pair both starred in the Downton Abbey movie with Staunton playing Lady Bagshaw and Carter portraying the familiar butler Charles Carson. This role has earned Carter four nominations for Primetime Emmy Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series award.

The movie won over critics, and it was an instant hit among the tv-show fans. It has proven to be such a success that fashion items worn by characters are seeing a strong revival of interest and, game developers like Activision worked to release their own hidden object mobile game called Mysteries of the Manor inspired by the show. Even fans in the iGaming industry received their fair share of Downton Abbey action. If we check some reviews on top slots in the UK, we’ll find that there’s an official slot game that’s popular among players.

This massive reach of the tv series, just shows how much a simple period drama can influence the entire world. And its actors, like Carter and Staunton, are in huge demand for events like the recent lockdown quiz, to which they both leapt at the chance to help raise funds for Marie Curie.

Imelda Staunton said:

So the idea is that this will just be some fun, I have done a lot of quizzes over the years for charities and fundraisers, so I think even if you don’t get the answers right, you have to enjoy the questions, so we will give lots of multiple choices to give people a chance to have a guess at the right answer.

The lockdown quiz proved to be a big success with many contestants posting comments stating that Carter and Staunton were ‘great quiz hosts’ and that they ‘really enjoyed the quiz’. Much of this could be put down to the fact that the actors weren’t afraid to occasionally slip into their characters from the Downton Abbey series and Harry Potter movies.

Jim Carter stated:

I think we have a plan that if people donate a certain amount then Mr Carson and Dolores Umbridge’s voices could appear and people could get shout outs from us.

While there was plenty of focus on the Downton Abbey and Harry Potter series, there was a broad range of questions so that everybody could get involved. In addition to this, many of the questions were aimed at children so that all of the family could take part.

While Harrogate has traditionally enjoyed plenty of child-friendly events like the recent Sound of Music musical, the ongoing lockdown has meant that providing suitable entertainment for children has proven to be complicated.

But with star actors like Imelda Staunton and Jim Carter on hand to host fun lockdown quizzes while raising much-needed finances for essential charities like Marie Curie, it’s hoped that people of all ages in Harrogate and the surrounding area can get through this crisis together.

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