Hold your horses back, COVID-19 has cancelled it all

18 May 2020

Covid-19 pandemic has put all sporting events on hold, supposedly for the next couple of months, at least. For those who love to attend these sports events, or watch them on TV, it is definitely a hard time. The sports industry is one of the most negatively affected ones among the rest of the industries. It lost basically all the profits, except for a few creative exceptions where sports teams managed to keep the championships going or stream them online. But this was an exception and definitely not a rule. The industry has suffered huge financial losses, leaving millions disappointed. But some of the restrictions have started to scale back, some businesses are reopening again.

We have known for a long time that eSports has s potential and the industry has been growing exponentially. With the rise of different e-sport competitions and more legitimacy around this subject in general, the interest in growing and developing this industry has also grown. The pandemic has shown all the benefits of online gaming, and online sports appear much more prominent and has attracted a new audience. While there are very limited positive aspects to the pandemic, bringing more awareness and attention towards the online platforms that offer different sports and games is definitely one of them. But as the epidemic situation is starting to get a bit better, some sports that don’t require a lot of physical contacts can resume and start getting back to normal. One of the highlights of these positive developments is the Harrogate Golf Club.

But this pandemic has opened up an interesting conversation around sports that occur online, or are streamed online. People have been trying to cope with the sports-less reality in multiple ways but the diehard fans have managed to arrange a very similar experience online. People have been keeping up with different online games, playing live casino games online, and trying to get by replacing their favorite pastime with something more pandemic-friendly.

The Golf Club was first established in 1892 and has become a household name in the city and has been shut down because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But now, Harrogate’s oldest golf club will be open to members once again, signifying one of the first steps towards normalcy for the sports fans. The opening is happening according to the Government guidance and all the necessary precautions will be taken into consideration, as expected to ensure the safety of players on the golf course.

The Forest Lane Head course has issued safety guidelines using the slogan “Play safe, Stay safe”, announcing at the same time that while the golf course reopened on May 13th, the clubhouse will remain shut for the uncertain future. While the clubhouse is a favorite among many loyal visitors, safety does come first for the establishment, meaning that opening a closed space isn’t the safest choice at the moment.

Harrogate has actually introduced some drastic changes to their golf course. Their benches, bins, bunker rakes, and ball-washers will be taken out of use completely, meanwhile, the hole cups will be inverted in a way that will allow anyone to withdraw the ball without touching the liner, which will increase the overall security level of the entire experience and make golfing much safer for players. As with any establishment that is open amidst this time, hand sanitizers will be readily available for the players, and visitors and social distancing measures will apply. According to the press-release of the golf course “The Professional’s” shop will be open but only a limited number of people will be allowed to visit.

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