Helen ring
Helen gets her ring back

Three nerve-wracking days for missing ring to be re-united with owner after it falls in EU Election ballot box

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Helen went to vote in the EU elections at her local polling station on 23 May 2019 – it was a polling station in the District, but she has requested to not be names.

But when trying to shove the massive ballot paper in the slot, he fingers got stuck.  When she pulled them out, her wedding ring fell off and dropped into the ballot box. The ring was believed to have been worth a significant 5-figure sum.

The ballot box sealed for security and staff explained it couldn’t be opened before Sunday 26 May, at the count.

Helen was given a special invite to attend the count and told the ballot box would be the first to be opened.

Helen said:

This the strangest invite I’ve ever been sent, but it’s quite exciting to be at an election count. I understand entirely why I had to wait a few days, but it has been nerve-wracking.

“Nervous” election staff opened the ballot box in front of Helen but it was a few seconds before the missing ring was spotted and only after dozens of ballot papers were removed.

Helen's lost ring
Helen’s lost ring

Helen was reunited with her ring (a single ruby with diamonds) and left the count happy. It’s a family heirloom and was passed down from her grandmother.

Helen said:

I’m so relieved to get the ring back. I’m going on holiday in the morning (Monday) and I was worried the ring might now have been coming with me.


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