Newby Hall Tractor Festival
Newby Hall Tractor Festival

Newby Hall Tractor Festival celebrates tractor that won the war

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The largest outdoor Tractor Festival in the UK will take place at award-winning country house and gardens, Newby Hall on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 June 2019.

This year’s show commemorates the outbreak of World War II with a 1940s theme. There will be displays of vintage tractors from the era, including the Fordson N tractor – ‘the tractor that won the war’ – and period lighting sets.

The annual two-day festival attracts more than 12,000 visitors and 1,500 exhibits.

Tractor Fest will celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Fordson N tractor with a display of 90 Fordsons – one for each year of manufacture. Produced by Henry Ford & Son, the Fordson was the most ubiquitous tractor in the UK during World War II. Its reliability and affordability made it possible for many farmers to own a tractor for the first time as it was cheaper to maintain than horses.


Newby Hall Tractor Festival


Production of the Fordson N started in 1929 and the tractor was manufactured in the UK from 1933. With war looming, the Government feared food shortages and stockpiled 3,000 Fordson tractors which went on to play a vital role in combatting food shortages. During the war, 100 Fordson N tractors were produced each day and the Fordson N was widely used by the Women’s Land Army, as well as by the RAF for pulling aircraft. Its simple design also made it the ideal base for conversion into road rollers, trucks and drainage machines.

Tractor Fest celebrates all things tractor, showcasing both vintage and modern marques, cars, lorries, stationary engines, crawlers and motorcycles from around the UK and abroad.

The first day culminates in a spectacular March of the Tractors – a parade of more than 100 tractors from Newby Hall to Ripon’s historic market square. The Ripon Hornblower will mark their departure back to Newby by sounding her world-famous horn.

Tractor Fest is the perfect family day out with fun activities throughout the weekend including opportunities to drive mini tractors, face painting, colouring, interactive exhibits, working machinery, trade stands, crafts and street food all available.

Newby Hall Tractor Festival

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