One Small Step…..Ashville Rocket Club members Zoe Moseng, Diego Roth, George Hayfield and Wesley Smith work on their rockets ahead of tomorrow’s competition finale
One Small Step…..Ashville Rocket Club members Zoe Moseng, Diego Roth, George Hayfield and Wesley Smith work on their rockets ahead of tomorrow’s competition finale

Ashville rocketeers reach for the stars with place in competition grand final

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Pupils from in have taken a giant leap for their by reaching the finals of the UK Youth Rocketry Challenge.

Members of its Rocket Club are heading to Buckminster, Grantham, tomorrow (Wednesday, May 23) after winning the regional qualifying round of the competition, staged earlier this month at Elvington airfield, near .

The aim of the challenge is to create a missile capable of carrying a payload of two raw eggs to an altitude of 800 feet, and then deliver them safely back down to earth within a 41-43 second timeframe.

The Elvington heat was the culmination of six months’ work for Jason Kwan, Joe Lang, Charles Appleby, Zoey Moseng, Wesley Smith, Diego Roth, George Hayfield, Eliot Payne and Sam Utley, who designed and made three high-powered rockets.

The nine senior school pupils were spilt into three teams, and each rocket performed extremely well, exceeding 700 feet in altitude.

Wesley Smith, Zoe Moseng and Diego Roth’s space craft came closest to the target with a height of 822 feet and a flight time of 44 seconds – the highest score of the day.

Additionally, the rocket made by George Hayfield, Sam Utley and Eliot Payne, has also qualified.

In their preparation, the students used a Form 2 3D resin printer to produce improved fuse holders for their rockets, which was purchased from monies raised as part of the school’s 140 Year Anniversary fund initiative.


Ashville College science teacher and rocket club leader, Richard Lees, said:

Having two teams make it through to tomorrow’s national finals is a tremendous achievement.

The pupils learned a lot from the Ellvington launch and a number of improvements have been made to both rockets.

The new 3D printer certainly played a major role in this success, as the printed parts ensured all of the launches went smoothly. We are now looking how our rockets can be improved further using a host of bespoke 3D printed parts.”

Our sights are now firmly set on the final, which is being held at the British Model Flying Association National Centre Buckminster.

And, if one of the two teams win, then we will be going to the international finals, being held during July’s Farnborough International Airshow.




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