Yorkshire Cancer Research teams up with 2inspire to offer new lifestyle course

Yorkshire Cancer Research has joined forces with Harrogate based leadership and management training company 2inspire to offer a new lifestyle training course to local businesses.

The ‘Inspirational Lifestyle’ programme, which offers advice on leadership, fitness, nutrition and mental resilience, will take place in the Community Hub at the ’s headquarters at Grove Park Court, just off Road.

As part of a new 10-year strategy announced last month, Yorkshire Cancer Research has committed to working in local communities to educate and influence better lifestyle decisions that will improve health, reduce the risk of cancer and support successful recovery from cancer. Research shows that 40% of cancers are related to lifestyle factors such as smoking, alcohol intake, diet and exercise.


Laura Bouttell, Managing Director of 2inspire, said:

We’ve drawn together a team of highly skilled coaches to help businesses maintain a high level of wellbeing within their workforces. Our new programme addresses our whole brain and our whole body using cutting edge psychological research to maximise the potential of life-long behavioural change. It is very much crafted with the idea of developing the ‘ultimate’ leader.

Both Yorkshire Cancer Research and 2inspire are keen to develop a culture that drives companies forwards towards their goals, whilst maintaining a happy, healthy workforce.


2inspire is also to organise a fundraising to raise money for Yorkshire Cancer Research.


Julia Clark, Director of Fundraising at the charity, said:

We’re delighted to be working in partnership with 2inspire. We believe that employers can play a key role in promoting healthy lifestyles and we’re keen to work with local businesses to help them educate their employees on the steps they can take to reduce their risk of developing cancer.

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