Wetherby girl tells story of narrowly missing Paris shootings


As news unfolds about the estimated 120 dead in Paris, following a number of co-ordinated attacks, we talk to Sophie Murczuk and Kevin Londas, both from the Harrogate area and working in the city.

Sophie Murczuk is from Wetherby and currently working in Paris. She is a dancer working at Disneyland and was on a night out with friend yesterday evening.

Sophie said:

Well, me and my friend decided to go for dinner in Central Paris last night, I was shopping in Chatelet les Halles shopping centre and after we went for a meal near notre dame.

We were there having such a lovely meal and we had our phones out beside us, I was close to saying lets just put them away and not be unsociable. I’m glad we kept them in sight because around 22:30 was when we started getting messages from our family and friends, warning us of the attacks happening, one of which happened in a restaurant/bar not far from us.

We noticed that people that had read their phones started to get the bill and leave. But the tourists weren’t so much in the know, however I think the news started to spread. So we decided to finish and leave as soon as we could.

We thought not taking the metro and walking to the direct train from Paris would be safer because there were reports of attacks in a nearby metro station, we walked very quickly to Les Halles, but on the way there were hundreds of police cars, ambulances, all we could hear was sirens everywhere, it was crazy!

They seemed to be going slightly in our direction, we thanked God that the green man came on every time we needed to cross the road, because I don’t know if you’ve heard but Paris streets are terrible to cross! but we just wanted to get home and moved as fast as we could without panicking.

There were police cars in which a policeman/woman had their head out of the window like they were looking for someone or people that had been reported with weapons. We knew they must but quite close.

We got to the station and avoided the shopping mall, we got straight away on the train back to the outskirts of Paris, near Disney. We didn’t feel safe till we were home, in which everyone was watching the news and asking what happened to us.

We looked on the news and there had just been reports of shootings in Les Halles shopping centre! Where we had literally just been to get on the train!

As an hour passed it was early morning and the attack had grown so much worse !

Unbelievably worse and over 100 reported dead in 6 different places in Paris! We couldn’t believe it! We were so lucky to get out of there while we did, we were going to stay out, If we didn’t hear of the news when we did we don’t know what would have happened!

My thoughts and prayers are with those people and their families who have been murdered or injured, it was a truly terrifying night for Paris and a complete shock for us all.

We can only hope that it doesn’t continue, but we can’t know for sure and it’s so worrying.

As for the mood, we are all just very very shocked.

Asked of this would effect her wishing to stay in Paris.

Sophie said:

I was already planning to leav Disney before this happened,  I wouldn’t leave because of it, but yes I am leaving on the 23 November.

I’m going home then to Australia for some travels.


Sophie and her friend on an evening out before the shootings

Kevin Londas lived in Harrogate for 8 years and moved to Paris in January 2014. We spoke to Kevin about the incident.

Kevin said:

I got home about 1 hour before everything happened.

Everything happened very very fast and last night they told us to stay home.

I don’t think I have any friends hurts as  most of them report on Facebook that they are safe, but a lot of people I’ve been killed last night

This must be the biggest attack since Madrid 2004

At the moment I don’t even know if I have to go to work tonight

This madness, everything is getting worst since I come back to France, I do not understand it, why this have to go that far Killing innocents people for what purpose?

We didn’t ask for this.

There is  emergency state we call PLAN VIGIPIRATE for almost a year now, since the attack at Charlie hebdo

You I perfectly understand why England doesn’t want any stranger with all those things. The government know who did it so they just need to end it at the source but the other problem is someone else will take the place. We just going to a war with no end

People are saying that those terrorists shouted last night it’s for Syria!

Kevin Londas


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