Standardised packing decision described as disappointing by Yorkshire Cancer Research

CigaretteYorkshire Cancer Research is based in and has described the government’s decision to shelve plans to introduce standardised cigarette packaging as ‘extremely disappointing.’

The UK’s largest regional medical research announced its support of the campaign earlier this year, when it joined forces with Cancer Research UK to encourage more MPs to support the legislation.

The charity has backed Cancer Research UK’s reaction to what it has called an ‘extraordinary’ decision.

Charles Rowett, Chief Executive of Yorkshire Cancer Research, said:

We fully agree with the approach taken by Cancer Research UK. We are extremely disappointed and shocked that the government has not had the courage to push forward this initiative that would almost certainly save lives.

It’s frightening how children are drawn to the colourful and slick designs of cigarette packets without having a full understanding of how lethal the product is inside. Smoking-related deaths in Yorkshire are higher* than the UK average**, so we should welcome any measure that will lessen the devastation caused by tobacco and particularly one which could prevent young people in the region from taking up a habit that kills half of its long-term users.

Standard cigarette packs were introduced in Australia in December 2012, with no evidence so far of problems for retailers.

In the UK, they are backed by 190 health and welfare organisations, including the British Medical Association. And a recent survey found that nearly two thirds of the public (63 per cent) support standard packs.***

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