“Help find my lovely Dad” says daughter of missing Harrogate man

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Graham Roskell was last seen leaving hospital on the morning of Saturday 3 November 2012 – It is believed he is likely to be in a confused state of mind.

Since then, there has a massive campaign to locate Mr Roskell involving tracking dogs, helicopters, mountain rescue and the general public with a media campaign. Mr Roskell is still missing and Nicola Sawyer, his daughter has spoken-out asking for the help from the public.

Nicola Sawyer said this morning (7 November 2012):

The latest is – believe Dad is still alive in the area but critically ill and so do we.

It’s incredibly urgent that we find my lovely Dad soon so he can get medical help.

It would be great now if we could get people to help look for Dad.

It’s now likely that the rain has now washed away any scent trails Dad would have left for the police dogs to follow and with no new definite sightings to work from, and as North Yorkshire is such a huge area it would be great if small groups of sensibly dressed people went out and searched fields, hedgerows, woods, disused buildings and barns and anywhere else they think he could have taken shelter.

Keep an eye out for things he may have dropped such as his glasses, navy fleece dressing gown and clothing from the CCTV photos and notify the police immediately if you find anything of significance but DON’T TOUCH THE ITEM as sniffer dogs may be able to pick up the trail from his scent on items.

Family have tried searching in cars and the Police have helicopters, dogs and search teams out but it’s not enough.

We can’t say where to look but groups are organising themselves on the ‘Find Graham Roskell’ Facebook page.

We’re overwhelmed by the public support so far and want to thank everyone for help with posters, flyers and information but we need you all more than ever.

We’re going through a living Hell and really can’t face another sleepless night of not knowing where he is.

Mr Roskell is white, with a stocky build and short grey hair.

When he was last seen he was wearing a green patterned jumper, grey trousers and black shoes. It is also believed that he has a blue dressing gown with him.

Anyone who can help locate Mr Roskell is urged to contact North Yorkshire Police on 101 – select option 2 – and ask for Harrogate police.



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